Will Davis VS Josh Newton

Will "Out Like a Gladiator" DavisVSJosh "New-Tah" Newton

Its a well know fact that Josh "Newtah" Newton looks much like our savior Jesus Christ (even has the initials J.C. Newton) , but he wasn't about to save William Davis from a world of pain in this fight. In his second fight of the day Davis would once again take on a competitor would have the reach over him.

A soon as the fight got kicked off, we were treated to a big "Hello!' as Newton would be the aggressor in this fight. Both men would trade blows back and forth but it was Davis who would have to fall back. Not having the reach of a 6 foot Newton, Davis would have to rely on his duck-punch and his quickness if he didn't want to be hit by Newton. Unfortunately for Davis, this meant that his attack options were limited to mostly the body. Davis would need all the hits he could get in on Newton, who didn't look like he was having a hard time hitting Davis at all. By the end of the first round. Davis was able to keep Newton at bay, but attacking he was not. 

During the round break, Davis noted to Melanie Smith how hard it was for him to reach Newton and that he didn't know if he could go offensive on the big JC. The 2nd round would tell if Davis could find away around Newton's big reach. 

You got to hand it to Davis, at the start of the 2nd round he was starting to play around with different techniques so they he could get an attack on Newton. Most notably the jump-punch technique that was last seen employed at the Conn Vs Steve Knight fight long time ago:

Davis sporting the stylin' jump punch

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Notice the expression on Newton's face afterward that kind of says "what the hell was that?"

After the jump-punch Davis ran around the ring a lot. It was perhaps a strategy to wear Newton out as he would follow after Davis. But even so, Davis would have to act quickly because it looked like Newton wasn't letting his guard down. Eventually, it appeared as if Davis would wear him down. Notice how Newton's punches are visibly slower and Davis take this opportunity to come in with a face blow that stuns him:

 Davis wearing down Newton and finally hitting him in the face

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It would take Newton to respond this good face shot as a few seconds later he would get a nice body blow in on Davis which knocked the air out of him. The rest of the fight quickly wound down after that as Davis must of realized that he wasn't make very much headway in this fight. And so both fighters would call it day as the second round ended.