Vaughn VS Young

Sam VaughnVSBrian Young

In a exclusive interview before the fight took place Brian Young admitted that he had a hunger burning inside of him. When asked if it was a hunger for blood he replied, "no...more like a burrito." in a calm and collective voice. Clearly the fight was not on his mind this day. Vaughn had already one fight down in his history, it be interesting to see how the cool Young would approach Vaughn in this fight. Like his prior fight, Vaughn was playing a defensive game. Blocking Young's attacks and striking back when he had the opportunity. This strategy would be epitomized in the first swing of the fight. Young jumped in the fight with a hard right hook. Vaughn swiftly moved his body away from the punch and came back at Young with a right hook of his own that floored Young quickly:

Young missing and getting hit with a wicked right hook by Vaughn

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Clearly this wasn't going to be as easy as eating a burrito for Young, He got himself off the ground and the two fighters went back at it. The rest of the fight, both fighter played a very good defensive game as both of them hardly made contact with the right and left hooks they were throwing. About 30 seconds into the fight, Vaughn went after Young in the attempts at getting some heavy hits on him but Young showed Vaughn that two could play the defensive game. After Young dodged Vaughn's attacks he threw some heavy hits into Vaughn that would topple Vaughn onto the ground. After Vaughn got up, the rest of the fight played out like a Chess match with 2 kings left; Both would try to get an attack in, but neither could get close enough as would mean they would leave themselves open. After the extended 1st round, both fighters retired to do fatigue. When asked if he was still hungry after the fight was over Young replied "...not really. Maybe a little queasy, but not hungry." The only thing killed in the boxing ring was Young's hunger for a burrito. It was a loss we all felt.