Steve Knight VS Popp

Steve KnightVSLenny Popp

 This fight would start with Mr. Popp, as he always does, instigating some shit with Steve. As the fight got kicked off, Popp started talking shit to Knight as he chucked the gloves at Steve Knight. With that, the fight got kicked off as Brian Young was guest referee for this fight. As the fight got off, both fighters showed their inexperience. At times it looked like Knight was clawing rather than punching and Popp was more of an expert at getting punched in the head. Popp would try to stay low as Knight would stay high. This turned out to work against Popp as he is pretty tall and about on equal footing with Steve. The result was Popp getting pummeled from above while he tried to hit Knight. Both fighters were fairly fast, but it looked like Knight was the faster one as his button-up shirt flapped in the wind. After the first both Knight and Popp, who are avid smokers, were pretty winded. Nonetheless, both went on to keep fighting. It appeared as if Popp learned something from the 1st round as he tended to stand up more to go face to face with Knight. He would throw some fast blows that would over power Knight and allow he to get some good head blows in. Overall, for both fighters being inexperienced, they did pretty well. The chain smokers wouldn't be able to handle another round but they provided a great prelude to the clash they had on the July 16th boxing day.