Steve Knight VS Mercer

Steve KnightVSNate Mercer

 Some big events start off with a bang, this Father's Day series of fights got started off with dud. Mercer playing the part of the pacifist hippie in this fight. He started the fight with his trademark wide jabs that we're accustoming to seeing from him. The strategy might of worked well later on in the Conn VS Mercer fight, but Conn didn't have the same reach that Knight does. As such, Knight laid the smack down on that strategy pretty damn quickly. He would be able to keep his distance throughout Mercer's or either block them by pushing away Mercer's arms that visibly strained Mercer's arms later in the round. When Knight finally would get close enough Mercer either was turned around where Steve could only punch him in the back of the head (forcing each fighter to back off) or he ducked while blocking.

The second round would be more of the same. Steve would have a tough time getting a hit in on Nate because he was running off after each wide swing. It's no wonder the uneventful fight ended after 2 rounds.