Nathan Johnson VS Smith

  Nathan "The Kid" JohnsonVSMelanie "Pixie" Smith

In a concept that fits under the "Beating a dead horse" category, once again Nathan "The Kid" Johnson puts on the gloves to get his regard as the Steve's Backyard Boxing's youngest champion (he gets no respect!!!). This time his opponent would be the extreme lightweight Melanie Smith. After analysis of the fighters, it hard to tell who had the advantage coming into the ring since both fighters are pretty small in stature. I would have to give the advantage to Smith as it seems "The Kid" only fights those who make a joke out of the entire fight. 

Anyhow, to the recap. After sexy, shirtless, Steve Knight walked the ring. The fighters smashed gloves and it was on. I must admit, not much happened that was that exciting during the fight. Both fighters came from the school of "Push instead of Punch" and "Cyclone Windmill Rotary Arm Swing Attack", it might of worked for Tyson in the earlier years, but you don't see him doing that now. Anyway to summarize the 1st round, it was very uneventful. In fact, as I watched the footage I was more intrigued by a mysterious man who very calmly sat in the shadows with his blue chair as the fight was going on. Note the picture:

Who was this mysterious person? Was it the head of the Jeffersonville Mafia? Sadly no, SBB hasn't become such a high-key place yet to be a hangout for Jeffersonville's greatest mobsters. After further analysis, we found out it was none other than Big Boss Applesauce Brian Young( though Mr. Davis would fight Young for that title later in the day). A Note of Fashion advice for Mr. Young: Lose the glasses, the incognito look ain't fooling anyone but yourself. Besides, the incognito look died with Disco back in the 70's, let in rest in peace.

The 2nd round was remember those old WD commercials where the lady asks the thought-provoking question, "Where's the beef?" Well I was asking, "Where's the fight?" Clearly it was with the horse that had been buried after it was beaten to death weeks ago (much like Disco and that incognito look Brian was going for). Both fighters, as did I, didn't seem to have the stamina that could go on for 3 rounds. But 3 rounds were fought and they were fought very very slowly... 

I would have probably nodded off at the start of the third round if it weren't for that damn sexy Shawn Conn who so gracefully walked the ring. But as soon as he was gone I found myself awash in a sea of apathy as the fighters went for more of the tried-and-true, "Push instead of Punch." which is about as exciting as the "Duck and Cover" move.  At one point this reviewer was calling for a bit of the old ultra-violence so that he may see some carnage. But alas my dear brothers, twas not to be so. And so, after a long 3 minutes, the fight ended but not soon enough.