Matt Sparks VS Steve Sparks: II

Matt "Matti Two Times/Tubba-Lubba-Ding-Dong" Sparks VSSteve Sparks

While almost no one saw their first fight in the ring, everyone witnessed the two brothers, Matt and Steve Sparks, duke it out in the boxing ring this day. This would be the second sibling rivalry fight in the Steve's Backyard Boxing ring and it would be interesting to analyze how each brother fought. Both would fight well, but it seemed as if Steve Sparks( the elder of the two) would be more aggressive in this fight. Perhaps it was some pent of anger from the years of attention that his brother got from his parents, who knows?

The fight got kicked off with guest announcer Vincent "Vinny" Damn. announcing both fighters. Once the fight was on, the brothers weren't as quick to go at it as some thought they would be. After some dancing around, the crowd finally egged them on to start hitting each other. With that Matt definitely rolled with the punches in the first shot towards Steve.


Matt Sparks rolling with the punches

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It's interesting that Matt would use the roll-fist-fake then jab as the move hasn't been used all that recently. In fact the last time this reviewer recalls it being used was when it was first created by Bald Bull of Mike Tyson's Punch Out! fame. 

Spin, then Punch

We got in contact with the now-retired Bald Bull and asked him to comment on Matt Sparks using Bull's old moves in the ring. He responded, "Doc can't help you now. Will you bed me for help?" Baffled by this response, I asked him want did he mean by that. He replied, "My barber didn't know when to quit...Do you?" One has to wonder what he meant by those, perhaps rhetorical and thought-provoking, questions.

It was after that first spin punch that Steve went on the offensive. He would keep approaching his still-dancing brother and come in with powerful right hooks. Which not surprisingly looked very much like Bald Bull's hooks, leading this reviewer to believe that perhaps the Sparks brothers studied much of Bald Bull's old fights when he was back in his prime. 

Matt wasn't about to let Steve have all the glory though. He would keep up his defense, as would Steve, and both fighters would have a hard time hitting one another because their equal reach. Matt came in with some good fakes half way through the round and got the best of his brother as can be seen here:

Matt Sparks with an excellent fake and a jab to Steve's head

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 Steve would then go back on the offensive swinging left and right, making his brother back up until he fell over which ended the first round. It's too bad the fighters( as they tend to do) only fought one round, things were starting to look interesting. And despite the light-hearted punches the brothers threw, they are good fighters.