Jody Barnes VS Will Davis

Jody "Cap'n Booty" BarnesVSWill "Out Like a Gladiator" Davis

After a long fight with a serious case of mono, Barnes was able to make his return to the ring on the final boxing. His competitor, Davis, had only been to 2 prior boxing days but had already racked a sizable number of fights on his fight record. Indeed, this would be a challenge for Barnes who just recovered physically from the case of Mono, and mentally from his shocking loss of the title: Backyard Boxing Inter-Gender Champion to Shawn Conn/. Nevertheless, Barnes went in with fists-a-flying against the battle-hardened Davis. Barnes fought surprisingly well despite Davis's speed. He pulled of one of the most impressive( and not known about) punches ever to grace SBB. Take a look for yourself: 

Barnes Hitting Davis

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Both fighters would get off many good hits. While it wasn't that impressive at the time, I was surprised how fun it was to watch afterwards.