Jody Barnes VS Conn

Jody "Cap'n Booty" BarnesVSShawn "If the Name Don't Rhyme It Ain't Mine" Conn

 Though reluctant to fight that day, The Connman had put with enough with enough of Cap'n Booty's shit that day. Barnes had frequently called out Conn to fight him that day. Conn decline many times until he couldn't stand it no more. 

The lab coat he was decked out in from the night before was thrown off and he jumped in the ring to fight Barnes. This would be Conn's 2nd fight after Mr. Knight and long before he would take the title of Inter-Gender Champion away from Cap'n Booty

For someone who provokes fights, Barnes seemed awfully defensive; as the gloves were touched he backed off fearing the wraith of Conn. More content with being a punching bag, Barnes practically stood there and let Conn throw punch after punch at him. You'd figure that Conn would have taken the opportunity to pound Barnes into a pulp, but his moves more style than substance. He would move around much not and block most of Barnes punches, but when it came to following through with his punches he would rather apprehensive on letting loose a full fury of punches. This would define most of the first round. Nearing the end the crowd started to bore of Conn's dancing and called for him to smash Barnes's face in. As mediocrity set in during the closing seconds of the first round, it seemed as if the crowd would be crushed with two more rounds of tedious boredom. Luckily, Ben Paine showed up to lift the sprits of the crowd which would signal for a fight break.

Ben Bringing the Bee to the Crowd that Cheers

As the second round began Cap'n Booty turned to some the techniques he learned while in the Black Glove Backyard Boxing circuit during his ventures in the far east.

Cap'ns Crouching Ape Style

Unfortunately for Booty, his crouching Ape style of boxing would not win him any points with the crowd or in the fight as Conn went at pounding his head some more (or at least making the attempt too). It was once again, more the lame same for most the fight. By the time the 2nd round at ended people were calling for an end to the boredom.

 By the third round camera girl (guy?) Claire Dufton had become so bored of the fight she focused her attention on Colin before resuming on a very unimpressive close-up of Conn. By the time the fight was over if anything had been settled this reviewer had forgotten all about it. He was more busy asking himself why it happened in the first place. Perhaps Conn did some permanent damage to Barnes after the fight, he would soon later be stricken with Mono and find himself out of the SBB loop until the last boxing day. By which time, to his dismay, he would find that his Inter-Gender Championship Title would be striped from him by the Conn/Dufton rivalry.