Hitler VS Steve Knight

Adolf HitlerVSSteve Knight

 Tensions were high that day as Hitler's Third Reich was crumbling before his eyes. He had to make a comeback for the empire. His solution? A time machine to go into the future to amass powerful weaponry to stop the allies cold. Unfortunately for the Fuhrer, there was one thing standing in his way: Steve Knight. He needed the time machine to return back to the future so that he could enjoy his boxing day and he wasn't about to let some punk-ass dictator get in his way of enjoying fights and beer (oh and he was fighting for truth, justice, and the American way as Steve always does). As soon as Steve stepped on the scene to relinquish the time machine, Hitler started talking shit.      

 And so it was on. Adolf wouldn't put up much as he was pretty much more bark than bite without his henchmen. Steve also had the advantage that Hitler didn't have: he was from the future. He studied all of the old tapes of Hitler's fights, he knew his strategy. Steve was ready to kick ass. Left and right hooks were Steve ammunition and Hitler found himself defenseless. Hitler's defense and reach were far inferior to that of Knight's. It was only a matter of time before it was over for Hitler. Finally, with a right hook, left hook, and a uppercut combo he delivered a blow to the Fuhrer that he could not recover from. 

 With Hitler dead, Steve set the portal to present day and went home happy...until he realized that he left the case of beer next to Hitler. But nonetheless the world was saved and once again Steve came through in a pinch.