Gohmann VS Steve Knight

Ted "Theodore" GohmannVSSteve Knight

Usually in the boxing ring, fights happen because both or one fighter approaches the other and asked if they want to fight. This was not the case in this fight, it was put together by a third party. When asked about fighting the acclaimed director Ted "Theodore" Gohmann, Steve Knight was visibly surprised. Perhaps it was Knight's cocky nature. As both fighters put on their gloves, Knight left his button-up shirt and tie from Easter dinner on. Clearly Knight was not afraid of Gohmann. Yet when asked to fight Ben Paine, he promptly declined. As one commentator put it after being told of such events, "What a chicken shit!" Gohmann has always directed people in his movies, now it was his turn to direct Steve...in the role of pain.

As the fighters touched gloves, Gohmann had a strategy in his works. That is to say he asked Knight to touch gloves again, and again after that. Each time more sillier looking than the next. By the 3rd time the fighters were touching gloves, Steve was cowering in laughter. Using Knight's inability to fight, Gohmann charged at him. Fortunately for Knight, he had mobility on his side and he ran to the other side of the ring just in time. He tried again, but Steve was too fast for him. So he changed his strategy. He went to the crowd and went to Hess to grab a power fruit to use it as a mouthpiece.

With Gohmann powered up, the two fighter approached each other to bang gloves again. This time, Gohmann took a fighting pose attempted approach Knight with a hop to fake him out. Unfortunately, it failed:

Gohmann with a hop, skip, and a fist to the face

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Afterwards, Gohmann would keep up his defense to block Knight's attacks then retalitate by using his mass to knock Knight backwards. Clearly it wasn't going to be as easy for Knight to him as it was the first time. Nonetheless Knight kept attacking until he got a direct hit in Gohmann's face. A little stunned by this, Gohmann called "time" and spit out the power fruit which had been drain of all it's fruitful energy. After taking some time to recouperate, Gohmann called in his trainer to find the lost keys...After getting the keys, the fight was back on again. Knight slow approached Gohmann this time and right as he was in striking range he bellowed out a fearsome yell that frighten Gohmann back. After regaining his courage, Gohmann then turned around and charge at Knight into the corner. Once again Knight moved, but this wasn't to stop Gohmann who was now trying to drop kick Knight. Realizing the futility of the fight, the two fighters walked out of the ring and Knight was declare champion again.