Gohmann VS Paine

Ted "Theodore" GohmannVSBen Paine

    In the art of film making there is often squabbles because unlike some other art forms there many different minds at work and a conflict of ideas can occur. The conflict between actor and director can be shown be shown in the Paine versus Gohmann fight. Ben Paine has been in many starring roles of Gohmann's movies and while they've down-played the conflicts on the set, rumor has it that sometimes they are at odds with one another about how certain scenes should take place. With that said, it was time that things got settled permanently as the conflict came to blows in this fight. 

     There was much tension in the fight. While both fighters were vehemently opposed to one another, they were reluctant to tear each other apart. There was a light exchange of blows, but nothing significant. About 40 seconds into the fight the crowd tried to rile Gohmann up by telling what Paine said about his movies. While that was good for a couple of strong attacks and a dash toward Paine, Gohmann couldn't find it in his heart to kill his best actor. 

    In the second round, Gohmann try to go for a more offensive and intimidating look by donning the Cap of Power. He jumped toward Paine swinging back and forth until Paine lost his balance. After regaining his balance, Paine swung back at powerful blow at Gohmann which knocked off the aforementioned Cap of Power. Steve Knight quickly jumped in to place back on Gohmann , but once it was back on Gohmann realized that couldn't destroy the star that light of so many of his great movies. And hence, both fighters walked away from the ring with nothing solved but it didn't matter; There was nothing to be solved any more.