Dufton VS Summerfield

Claire "Cannibal" DuftonVSEmily Summerfield 

 This would be the fight that elevated Backyard Boxing to its popularity. The first female fight in the boxing ring was a most exciting one that would provide many laughs and footage that got watched over and over. This would be each fighters first fight and it would be quite an exciting way to get things kicked off. Dufton went for pure offense in this fight. As soon as Steve Knight informed Dufton of the rules, you could see the look of destruction in her eyes as she rush toward Summerfield...

I tried to use a GIF to slow down the action for effect.

 Notice how Dufton rushes upon Summerfield. Summerfield has little time to put a defense. She manages to the block the first hit, but the second goes right to her head and she flies back. 

Summerfield did her best to hold off Dufton and managed to get in a few hits after Dufton slowed down. But Summerfield was no fighter and all she had was a couple of jabs in her then she was wore out. Dufton then seized advantage of this opportunity by coming back at Summerfield...

By ducking under her and hitting her in the tit. This victory was shorted lived however as Dufton didn't expect the counterattack that Summerfield would release upon Dufton for attacking her mammary gland. Summerfield would let a left jab that went straight to Dufton's head. In a shot that would epitomize what backyard boxing was about.

Despite this crushing blow, Dufton went on attacking Summerfield to the point where she injured her formerly broken collar bone. After she yelled out about the aforementioned collar bone it appeared that Summerfield might have a chance for a comeback, but Dufton kept attacking until Summerfield just stood there. After that, Steve Knight came in to check the damage and asked to stop the carnage, destruction, and mayhem that had occurred in the ring.