Dufton VS Elizabeth Wilson

Claire "Cannibal" DuftonVSElizabeth "Heather or Bessie" Wilson

 This fight last 2 rounds that were separated by some other fights ( Elizabeth and Katherine Wilson, Bhatti and Katherine). After the sexy girl-on-girl action that was the Dufton Vs. Summerfield, the crowd (mostly guys) was all pumped up for this fight. Coming out the gate was Claire swinging like the punching machine she is. Wilson, fresh from her fight with Barnes, was expecting the blows that Dufton delivered (which surprisingly was more like a guy than Barnes). Wilson was on the defense mostly for this fight. When she did go on the attack, she implemented the same attack she used on Barnes: the headlock. Unfortunately for her, Dufton wasn't easily head locked into submission. She kept swinging at Wilson despite the headlock. Eventually Wilson fell down due to lack of stamina which ended the first round. The second round continued after Wilson had rested. After resting, Wilson jumped back into the ring swinging. They attacked one another back and forth with head blows until Dufton hit Wilson's jaw. So hard, it could actually be heard on the footage. Ouch! She stopped for a moment, but went on. Nearing the end of the second round. Dufton would try to hold back Wilson's fists from hitting her, but Dufton continued the attack. Wilson would then counterattack as well. With about a 20 seconds left in the round, Barnes ignited the power keg inside Dufton by telling her to think about Chad asking her out on a date. The very thought of this caused Dufton to strike back at Wilson hard, up to the point where the crowd had to have her stop attacking at the end of the second round. After this fight, Dufton proved that she was without-a-doubt a very volatile and explosive fighter who would provide many exciting fights to come.