Damn VS Paine

Vincent "Vinny" DamnVSBen Paine

Though Steve said now and again he'd fight Vinny, he wouldn't over the course of the 2000 season. We weren't expecting him to show up on Father's Day but when he did we had no idea who would take him. Once again Paine showed that he would take on anyone given enough alcohol. He wouldn't disappoint us in this fight either.

As soon as the first round kicked off both opponents to a few seconds to size each other up, but it wasn't too long before Ben was swinging like a mad man. It looked like Vinny wasn't expecting Benny Paine to such a furious fighter. Despite the hits Vinny would lay on Ben, he kept on coming at until he had to back off for fear of knocking over the beer (oh no!). After the two fighters got back toward the center of the yard, Ben tried to come Vinny with a wide swing that he promptly dodged. Vinny came back for a counter-attack, but Ben was able to fend those off and come back with a few jabs to Vinny's head that would leave him stunned for a sec. Vinny made sure that didn't happen anymore as he kept his guard up and stuttered his fists so as to make his punches unpredictable. Nearing the end of the round, it was becoming clear that Vinny had the better reach of the two and Ben's strategy for getting at Vinny was just come in fast before Vinny could hit him.

The second round started off fast. As soon as Vinny extended his arm out, Ben came in with a right hook that Vinny once again skillfully avoided. The next time Ben came at him he wouldn't have much more luck either as Vinny got a shot that at first appeared to bust Ben's nose. But after checking, Ben said that he was ok and after a short breather the fight continued.

Like at the beginning of the round, Vinny would extend his arm out to fake out Ben. It seemed to rile Ben up, as he'd quickly push Vinny's fist aside and started coming at Vinny swing left and right. After the 2 crossed arms for a sec and broke free, Vinny and Ben stepped up the tempo the fight by moving more quickly than they had prior. Ben tried to come at Vinny with a fake, but it just landed him a punch to the side of the head. But as Ben as showed us before, punches to the head do not phase him as he kept coming towards Vinny with faster and faster swings until the two had to stop else they would have ran into the table that was parked in the middle of the yard.

After that Vinny declared himself "too old for this shit" and showed like most of us there, we could be in better shape. Not satisfied with his last performance, Vinny said he'll back next year for a rematch against Paine, making the 2001 season of SBB that much more exciting to wait for.