Conn VS Summerfield

Shawn "If the Name Don't Rhyme It Ain't Mine" ConnVSEmily Summerfield

    In what could be described best as silly and pointless, the Conn-Summerfield fight started out with Summerfield releasing a non-stop flurry of punches. Conn did mostly blocking through the fight while Summerfield was on the offensive. Summerfield couldn't keep the attack up as she soon wore her self out. She started grabbling instead of punching at the end of the first round. At this point Conn seemed to know that the advantage may start be leaning on his side. In fact, at this point it was rumored by some that Conn used this moment to feel his opponent up.

I Am Jack's Smirking Revenge

        Though Conn vehemently denies the allegation, he has been questioned before in a similar incident where an anonymous source accused Conn of touching her ass. He claims that he was trying to push her off him and that's all. When asked to comment about the now infamous shot above: he exclaimed, "It's not my fault her boobs were in the way." An investigation continues into Conn's conduct in the ring.

    The rest of the round was Conn punching occasionally after blocking Summerfield's now-slowed-down punches. One highlighted moment which summarized  the rest of the fight happened nearing the end of the 2nd round:

Conn Blocking and then Punching Summerfield

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     The fight wounded down after that, Summerfield wouldn't have enough stamina to go another round and decline the offer to go for a knock-down-bang-up 3rd round. When asked for comment about how he could fight a girl (Dufton being excluded as some think she's a guy), Conn agitatedly said, "I felt like destroying something beautiful."