Conn VS Roberts

Shawn "If the Name Don't Rhyme It Ain't Mine" ConnVSMason "I Don't Get Sarcasm" Roberts

 The last time Roberts fought, he was such a hard hitter that Brooks retired before the end the 3rd round. This hardly intimidated Conn as this was his first guy fight where he was actually of a comparable height and reach to his opponent. The fight started out with Conn employing his typical strategy of using his low center of gravity to stay low to defend himself. Conn used this strategy to get close to Roberts with out taking too many shots to the head. This strategy worked pretty well as Conn was able to get in between Roberts's arms and aim for the head. But it only helped so much, Roberts still hit back hard and fast. Conn took a shot to the jaw in the second which chipped his tooth. Soon after that, Conn retired as he had another injury to add to the ever-growing list.