Conn VS Mercer

Shawn "If the Name Don't Rhyme It Ain't Mine" ConnVSNate Mercer

In one the last good fights of that huge boxing day, Conn would decide to take on someone of his own sex. Nate Mercer who had last fought Jody Barnes in the boxing ring would have of much tougher time fighting Conn who was more than ready after fighting Dufton and Summerfield

As soon as the fight got kicked off it was clear that Mercer was going to be the more mobile of the fighters. Conn would do less dancing and more approaching of his opponent. He would follow the dancing hippie while keeping his guard up and go in for body blows or maybe the occasional head shot. It was hard for Conn to hit Mercer in the head due to the reach factor; the 6 inch taller Mercer would tower over Conn. He stayed low to prevent Mercer to get many head shots in. The crowd begged Conn to go for the head, but Conn knew that was going to be hard, if not impossible, to do. The only way to pull this off would be to employ the jump-punch that Conn was very reluctant to do as it rarely yields any results.  By the end the round, body shots were Conn's only option it seemed.

Conn would try to step up the dancing and faking to match Mercer beginning into the second round. It did help Conn somewhat as it allowed him to get closer to Mercer and pull of some head shots:

Conn dodges some blows then attacks Mercer

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Unfortunately for Conn, it would be enough to slow Mercer down. His reach was just to great for Conn to make any head way (pun intended!). Conn would keep coming at Mercer despite the blows he through at Conn. Conn was very insistent on approaching Mercer and it would turn out to bite him in the ass in third round. By the time the 2nd round was over Mercer dropped to the ground to regain his breath. It appeared as if Conn's relentlessness might pay off to wear out Mercer. 

The third round it was Mercer's time to step up the offense. Early into the round he would charge at Conn with wide swings. Conn was prepared for this as he would keep his head down and his arms up. Mercer came at Conn so much he almost fell over as he would run toward Conn and throw himself off balance. It was appearing as if the fight was going nowhere, that was until Mercer finally got a heavy hit right in Conn's face. Conn, who wasn't going to let a punch in the face slow him down, continued after Mercer with a jump punch that would cost him a fist in the face. A bloody nose was the end result that would end the fight. Conn would take a while to recuperate as he took a heavy blow in the face that caused much bleeding. 

After that fight, the events of the day would wind down. But before the fight was over, Steve Knight made sure to mark the days events by christening Steve's Backyard Boxing with a glass of wine. That was a spectacular day for boxing.

Steve Knight Showing us what to do with a Broken Bottle

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With the smash glass in hand, Knight took on all that would oppose him.