Conn VS Dufton: V

Shawn "If the Name Don't Rhyme It Ain't Mine" ConnVSClaire "Cannibal" Dufton 

 The rivalry and the legend continued on with Conn and Dufton to the bitter end. They fought their 5th bout on the last boxing day. As Dufton approached the ring she was noticeably anxious as she appeared not in the mood to fight. Conn however had already had his tooth chipped from Roberts and had plenty of beer in him. He had nothing to lose. So things kicked off a anxious Dufton and a ready-to-kick-ass Conn. As in previous fights, Conn used his mass to defend against Dufton's attacks then struck with a counter-offensive. This is how most the fight went off. Dufton was able to manage her way past this defense and get some good shots in the first round. This tempo kept up through the 2nd and 3rd rounds, it wasn't as decisive as Conn VS Dufton: III but it was entertaining. After the fight there was a bit of controversy as it been noticed in the footage that Conn used his knee in a very Vancza-like way to block Dufton's attack, he was later reprimanded. Furthermore, Gohmann has made allegations that Conn has continued this rivalry not out of sportsmanship or fun but because that it "gets him wood," according to Gohmann. When confronted with these rumors, Conn denies it all. This doesn't not sit well due to the controversy in the Conn VS Summerfield fight. It would seem that lately Conn has tarnished his reputation.