Conn VS Dufton: III

Shawn "If the Name Don't Rhyme It Ain't Mine" ConnVSClaire "Cannibal" Dufton 

 Every once in a while there are rivalries between two people that benefit mankind: Edison and Westinghouse's rivalry decided what type of electricity-AC or DC (not to be confused with the 80's rock band)- would be used in US homes, The United States and Soviet Union's rivalry got the first man on the moon, and Alexander Graham Bell and some other dude (forgot his name) rushed to complete the world's first telephone. The Conn/Dufton rivalry would be no less important. While their first 2 fights weren't as covered as much later fights, the rivalry was still very high-stake. The third chapter in the Conn/Dufton saga would not be any different.

The Sunday Boxing Extravaganza got kicked off this momentous 3rd chapter. While we didn't realize it at the time, this was the beginning of a great day of boxing. There was a big turn out of people. It was the biggest turnout yet and since boxing had started. The day officially was kicked off by Steve Knight announcing the fight and informing the crowd the history behind the rivalry. When asked to comment about the fight before starting, Dufton exclaimed that she, "just wanted to see a good beat-down." Perhaps she had a trick up her sleeve or was planning some thing vicious, it's impossible to tell now.

Anyway, Mr. Knight then asked the fighters were ready. After saying yes and the touching of gloves ,which Conn used to confuse and insult his opponent, the fight was on. Conn approached Dufton slowly and maliciously to cause damage. Within a few seconds of the fight he would just right in front of her and bang her head back and forth with a flurry of hooks. Dufton, who liked to use a wide hook strategy, found that she couldn't hit Conn like that with him being so close and to keep backing up. Conn nonetheless, followed Dufton and continued to try to strike her. With the ferocity that Conn attacked with, Dufton surely thought that Conn got fired from another job (he was just a few weeks ago laid off from the U.S. Census Bureau). Dufton was one who doesn't take shit, so she then approached Conn with her hooks flying from the left and right. Conn would try to block while Dufton hammered him with her hooks, but he eventually fell over from her knocking off his balance. After getting up Conn claimed "this was personal" then proceeded to pursue Dufton who was backing off as she was frighten by the Conn's mood.  Nearing the end of the first round Dufton would fight back more and more instead of taking shit from Conn. She got a good right hook in on Conn's face after ducking Conn's hook with a few seconds left to go.

Dufton Getting some heavy hits in on Conn

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 Unfortunately, it wouldn't be enough to slow Conn down but at least she showed Conn that she wasn't intimidated by him. During the break after the first round the fighters were asked for commentary. As  mentioned before, with the ferocity that Conn attacked with Dufton said that Conn must of been laid off at some other job after the census bureau. When asked to comment about this allegation, Conn replied "...Census Bureau. Terrible day, Terrible day for us all..." The ambiguity of the reply has led many to still wonder if that is the case. The mystery goes on to this day.

The 2nd round was defense for Conn. After being wore out from attack in the first round, Conn would primarily maintain his fists up and let Dufton do the attacking. As good as this seemed for Dufton, it wouldn't allow her to get the hits in that she wanted. Conn had a slight better reach over his opponent and was quick to stop any punches being thrown at him; he even threw some counter jabs to keep his opponent at bay.

 Before the 3rd round, Steve Knight had some insightful commentary about the direction the fight was going: here (it's in MP3 format)

The final round it seemed like Dufton heeded Steve Knight's advice about strategy. As the round started, she ran behind cameraman, Ted "Theodore" Gohmann, and proceed to use him to fool her opponent. As Conn told her not to use the cameraman as a shield, she ran from behind him and began to attack Conn. Unfortunately for her, this would allow her to get only get one good hit on Conn until he was back to use his blocking strategy. Dufton would once again be very aggressive in her fighting but it seemed that it just allowed Conn to get more hits on her. Frustrated by the way things were going throughout the 3rd round, Dufton went down the low road and took a cheap shot after the fight was over:

Dufton Hitting Conn with his back turned

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As the glove made contact, the crowd was audibly enthused at this turn of events. Conn retaliated however by grabbing Dufton's arms and falling back. Dufton, never the one to quit while she was ahead, began to bite Conn's shoulder and kick his bathing suit area. After about 10 seconds of the mayhem, the crowd was shocked and dismayed at the horror that occurred. Reverend Mike

finally stepped in and stopped the madness. Since the fight, Dufton has went before the Steve's Backyard Boxing's Committee of Ethics. They found her behavior rude, shocking, and unethically but after considering the reaction from the crowd's laughter and the great footage that was taken they gave her a light warning and told her not to get punched in the head so much again. Shawn however had a souvenir to take home with him for the rest of his life: a scar on his shoulder from Claire's jaws of doom.