Clark Vs Hess

Peter ClarkVSJames Hess

Boxing Easter got kicked off with some newcomers to the Backyard Boxing ring. Both fighters were inexperienced, so it was exciting to see who would come out the better man. Some might of said that Hess had the advantage as he had powered up himself on some sort of power fruit. Furthermore, Hess had recently reclaimed his title of "Lord of the Dance" from that Flatley dude. Though not many realized it, Hess definitely had the momentum going in his direction. Unfortunately, Hess had a hard time channeling this momentum as Clark danced circles around him. As the fight kicked off, Bells could be heard ringing in the distance. Certainly a bell was tolling for our hero James Hess that day.  Clark was able to get in the punches that Hess just could not do. Hess being a lightweight, his punches' momentum carried the rest of his body. This clearly was not dancing and the Lord of the Dance couldn't keep up. But Hess kept going at it through the first round as he stayed on a mostly defensive strategy. 

Hess managed to hold up defensively throughout round 1, but round 2 would prove too much for him. Clark got many head shots in the begin of round 2. The Lord of the Dance, tried to block but Clark overpowered the lightweight. After taking many head blows, Hess could be heard saying, "AHHHHH" as his opponent pummeled him. Finally, after all the hits Hess decided to strike back with a vengeance at Clark. Unfortunately, all that got struck was air:

Hess just barely missing Clark   

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Looking back at the clip, it appears that the Lord of the Dance was trying to pull of some break dancing moves or something. Perhaps it was an attempt to confuse his opponent. However you look at it, it wouldn't be enough to change the tide against Hess as he submitted a little later to Clark afterward.