Christensen Vs Chris Johnson

Ricky  "Scuzz" ChristensenVSChris Johnson

In any contest, there is going to be some advantage that one combatant has over the other, and vice versa. This contest was no different as Johnson tried to use his speed advantage over Christensen. However, he wasn't ready for the charging bull that Christensen would turn out to be. Johnson had no
choice but to retreat more than once, not being able to withstand the wraith of "Scuzz" Christensen's fists of hippy fury.  Perhaps a mysterious force was working against Johnson, as Cameraperson Claire Dufton mentioned "who's that walking back there?" 

While Mr. Satan denied his involvement in the fight, it was later discovered to be (???, I think it's one of the Tripplets). Just goes to show you that even Satan itself wouldn't interfere with the natural balance of human contest that is Steve's Backyard Boxing.