Chris Johnson VS Young

Chris JohnsonVSBrian Young

Not stopping for anything, Chris Johnson kept on trucking through opponents that day as he took on the ever-calm-and-reserved Brian Young. Johnson started quickly by feeling the reach he would have on his opponent which was much better than it was with fight with Popp. Always quick to dodge a punch, perhaps Chris under estimated the fury that Brian could let loose. For it wasn't until about 15 seconds that Brian went on the offensive, but when he did Brian swung to win (or at least to beat down Chris's ass). Both fighters were quick on their feet so the task of hitting each other would be more difficult than what they were use to. And when the fighters got close to one another they still would manage to back of just in time. Watch as Chris's head jerks right of the way of Brian's fist.

Brian Young Swinging at Chris's Head

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Brian would have effective strategy that he employed during the fight. He would come in swinging with the left( sometimes right hand) then while Chris would be occupied with blocking that fist he would come in with a strong right hook. It probably would have worked well on other opponents, but Chris was just too fast for him to hit. Brian would get close, but he wouldn't land the punch that would of made one hell of a clip. 

The second round wouldn't start nearly as slowly as the first, as soon as the bell (err, guy said go) rang they went at quickly. This time it seemed as if Johnson was the more aggressive as opposed to the last round. But he found that fighting Brian would be very much like fighting himself in the Chris Johnson VS Popp fight; Both fighters would move with the quickness and as soon a one would be stepping in to land a blow the other would be backing his ass out of there. The second round reminded me very much of a old medieval style joust. Except instead of horses and lances, it would be the two fighters and their fists. They went back and worth like this until the last 20 seconds of round 2 when they took a more reserved approach after wearing each other out. They tried to land some heavy blows to finish out round 2, but both were too tired and took a break. 

As the camera turned the away from the fighters, a very interesting event happened. If you watch the camera turn in the footage, you'll notice for a second you'll see the image of a person. We weren't so sure who this was so we took the footage down to our labs to see if we would extract the blip of a person. After careful research and analysis, our scientist were able to extract the frame you see below. We can't make out all the details, but it appears to be a person with long brown hair with mustache and beard. After careful research, the SBB lab guys came to only one conclusion Jesus had made appearance on earth. Compared with the Shroud of Turin, the resemblance is uncanny. This has been the first know material evidence of Jesus since the Shroud. We'll keep you post on any more sightings of Jesus in Steve's Backyard. Uh, make that the Mexican's backyard which point he would be called "Hey Zeus." But anyway, I digress....

I'm the Real JesusNo, I'm the Real Jesus

Like in the second round, the fighters took not time at all to try to beat their brains in. Brian was swinging some powerful hooks like a mad man while Chris would easily avoid them. Likewise, Chris through some powerful jabs that Brian shrugged off just as easy. They were fighting so quickly it was no wonder by the time half the round was over they were visible wearing themselves down. At this point they both relied on run-the-hell back strategy to avoid each other swings. It was obvious at this point the fight was pretty much over. Brian had one last series of punches left in him. Chris managed to him as he threw this volley, but he kept on coming.

Brian's Fury Doesn't Even Stop for a Punch in the Face

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But unfortunately for Brian that was right when the last round ended on a pretty good fight.