Chapman Vs Popp

John ChapmanVSLenny Popp

 After the less-than-inspiring Steve Knight VS Mercer fight, things really picked up during the Chapman VS Popp fight. Both fighters are pretty athletic (well more than most people we've seen at SBB so far), Chapman having a background in wrestling and Popp having a background in Swimming both would last 3 rounds unlike most the other fights that day. Chapman being one the smaller fighters of SBB would find himself at towered over by the 6+ foot Popp but nevertheless he would be able to hold his own despite the lack of reach he would have. 

During the start of round one Chapman displayed his strategy that he would use throughout the rest of the fight: A couple of heavy body blows to make Popp buckle then a straight shots for the head. This strategy worked well for Chapman as it would keep Popp on the defense through out most the 1st round. By the time Popp finally went on the offensive, Chapman would just keep his head down while blocking waiting for Popp to wear himself out (a strategy that Popp would later employ during the Steve Knight VS Popp: II fight). Once he did, Chapman went on the offensive again attacking until the end of round one. 

The second would carry out much like the last; Chapman continuing his combination of body blows and head shots. It wouldn't be until about half through out the round that Popp would finally wised up to his Strategy and started keeping his hands up to block the incoming head shots and pulling back to avoid them all together. Like before, Popp would stay mostly defensive only getting a chance to attack when Chapman came in low to pound on Popp's gut. This would give him a good opportunity to hit Chapman in the head from above but Chapman was always quick to put his hands up to block incoming head shots. 

By the third round, Popp had realized what he had to do to stop himself from being a human punching bag. He would start attack much more and keeping up the defensive from Chapman's body shots. Chapman would dance around quick and dodged a lot of Popp's attacks but he would eventually get a few shots in on Chapman's head that would slow him down. Chapman was determined though and finally would get a nice combination on Popp round before the end of round 3:

Chapman with a Nice Combination of Punches on Popp

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